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A woman, who is in touch of her deep femininity, is naturally sensual, she doesn’t need to look for, she embodies it completely.

Marilyn was one of these women. She was also thoughtful, intelligent and particularly different. We invite you here to discover some fragments of texts written by Marilyn Monroe about body, love, life, self-esteem. Her profound thoughts written in her diary and performed by Caroline Vreeland shot by Rosalie Miller.



Fragments of film directed by Rosalie Miller

Starring Caroline Vreeland

Words written by Marilyn Monroe

Selected by Caroline Bongrand and Rosalie Miller

Styled by Mélanie Huynh

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The Diary

Fragments of film

Directed by

Caroline Vreeland

Directed by
Marilyn Monroe

Selected by
Caroline Bongrand & Rosalie Miller

Styled by
Melanie Huynh