Inspi red

In this chapter, we have invited artists to reveal their talent, for an ode to creativity.

We wanted to offer a platform of expression to a group of artists from around the world. All of them executed a piece of art, a sketch, or an illustration, to evoke the freedom to create. Every individual expresses and experiences freedom differently, according to their country, their religion and their path of life. Difference is what makes our world so rich.

The road youre missingthe story ofyour life

Even if time passes
memories of old years go by

the tears
we shed

as imprints made,

may seem

to fade

isn’t the only
one that stains
The ground
that’s walked on,
never is
the same

Now who
remembers one
word they said
the gin and the wine gone

the town itself now
nothing but a name

From which some bored boy

has come to stay

and inspiration
has come in vain

Who remembers now
when it died
That space that it
had occupied
It went unfilled
for a year,

then 2 then 3

Till someone called it an empty screen.

Poem written and performed by Irina Lazareanu
Pete Doherty
Irina Lazareanu by Sean Lennon

Creativity is allowing
yourself to make mistakes.

Art is knowing which
ones to keep.

Brisons les préjugés by Yol
Imagine by Meto
Freedom by Moyoshi
Some news by Fosca
Together by Kerby Rosanes
It Is Your Name by EnLing Lu
It's gonna rain by Picolo (Brazil)
Who think is creative by Rafael Uzai
Libre d'Expression by Boris Pottier
Escape by Dominik Hüfner
Creativity by Hana Jirickova
It's more complicated than it seems by Matthias Adolfsson

We would like to thank all those who have supported and helped us in developing this first tome.
See you in November for the following episode.