Inspi red

Many springs have passed and gone, with the faces of people I used to know

and the notes of the poets and the stories from old age, will not last in the quiet cage, their stories lost to silence will forever be replaced. For night will follow night, like a row of strings come to carry you on.

Photographer: Alexandra Utzmann
Art direction: Nicolas Ouchenir

Watch Irina Lazareanu's performance poetry
Directed by Rosalie Miller
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Secret Book by Irina Lazareanu

Pete Doherty
Photographer: Rosalie Miller
Text: Irina Lazareanu
Collage, art direction and calligraphy: Nicolas Ouchenir

Pete Doherty by Nicolas Ouchenir

Pete Doherty and Carl Barat
Photographer: Rosalie Miller
Collage, art direction: Nicolas Ouchenir