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About us

Signature International, a cultural project created in 2005 with the support of Dennis Hopper, has today reinvented itself, in a digital version produced by Melanie Huynh and Rosalie Miller.

Signature International site will feature an international artist in an exclusive story; every volume will be dedicated to visually capturing a human value. The first one is dedicated to Emmanuelle Seigner, focused on the theme of 'Creativity'.

The featured guest will delve into theme through a series of photographs, videos, interviews and appearances. Through the means of our website, the featured guest reveal an unique digital experience to our online visitors -sharing her/his world, personal identity, tastes, values, civic actions ans inspirations.

Today, new consumer patterns have emerged: the relationship people have with a product is changing.

In our ever-evolving society, the need to find oneself surrounded by our values has become a refuge, and a common ground. In this context, the product goes beyond being just a product, it is the representation of the principles we believe in. The product that transcends its objectified condition connects us to the principles in which we believe, it gives us an idea of the life or the world we aspire to, the dreams we pursue and the desire we have to accomplish them; to surpass ourselves, to create, to innovate.

Contact us

Signature International
51, avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

Phone: +33 01 53 75 42 51


  • Directed by Rosalie Miller
  • Styled by Mélanie Huynh
  • Art Direction by Nicolas Ouchenir
  • Photos taken by Sonia Sieff
  • Make up Tatsu Yamanaka
  • Hair Laurent Philippon